Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Catalina Avenue North Lake Avenue Adjacent; A Closer Look at Catalina Island

 Adjacent to North Lake Avenue to the West, we have Catalina Avenue running North and South. Named for, legend has it, that Catalina Island was visible from its upper reaches. I had an opportunity to travel to the Isthmus on Catalina Island and stay at the Banning Hunting Lodge which now operates as a Bed and Breakfast. Banning was, of course, the owner of Catalina Island before he sold it to Wrigley. There are many connections between Catalina and Pasadena and Altadena. Zane Grey had a home on Catalina overlooking Avalon Bay, which was for many years a beautiful hotel, but now a private residence once again, and Zane Grey had a home in Altadena which had operated in more recent times as a Bed and Breakfast but is once again also a private residence.
 The Banning Hunting Lodge is perched on a hill overlooking what was called the Isthmus, but is now called Two Harbors, being renamed after Natalie Wood was tragically drowned while on board Robert Wagner and her boat moored here. A fact I wasn't aware of before staying here. Banning back in the early days around the turn of the century would come and stay and hunt in this area with his cronies when not much was here beyond the Civil War era Army Barracks which still stand.
 The location is stunning and the Hunting Lodge has been beautifully restored with period looking rooms and furnishings and a common breakfast room, and a common lodge area with piano, books and puzzles. I much recommend this place, as much effort has been put into making it comfortable and restful, far away from our usual city lives.

 The lodge common area is full of nice touches and historical photos. A wonderful way to spend a relaxing day, far, far away.

Many rooms have windows with spectacular views. I highly recommend this place. A place not many will ever visit, but close to Pasadena and Altadena physically, but remote in atmosphere.

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