Thursday, August 10, 2017

Lake Washington Village 1950, Looking South Down Lake Avenue from Washington Blvd. Intersection

In this photo from October, 1950, we can see looking south the Western Auto Supply store on the SE corner with the clock and the parapet ornamentation and Star Drugs on the SW corner. Notice the banners and lights strung across the street, with one banner advertising the Community Chest Campaign from October 30 to November 30.

Just south of the Western Auto Supply is Henrie's Toys with the large neon Toys sign and on the other side is the DRUGS neon sign from Star Drugs. From what I understand, there was a soda fountain in Star Drugs, which means we had Larry's Ice Cream on the NE corner and Star Drugs soda fountain on the SW corner and another soda fountain in the drug store located in the Oversen Apartment Building on the NW corner. Also, the Robbins from Baskin Robbins had an ice cream store just down from Star Drugs on the west side of the street. Lots of ice cream back then at this intersection.

Just south of Henrie's Toys you see the Pasadena State Bank and just south of that is the Skoal Bar and Steak House with the entrance to the parking lot of the east side just south of Skoal. Notice the beautiful double light standards on each side and the not so beautiful telephone poles. About a decade earlier than this we would have seen double streetcar tracks going done the middle with overhead wires fro the Pacific Electric Trolley going up to Altadena and Mount Lowe.

Amazing how things have changed, but how nice it would be to put the decorative elements back on the building where Gladstone Donut on the SE corner is now located and to put buildings back on the SW corner going down Lake Avenue. One can only hope for a better future in our neighborhood commercial district, old Lake Washington Village!