Monday, March 26, 2012

Penthouse Theatre, N. Lake at Mt. Curve, Black Cat Inn, Venetian Dining Room, The Barn...Altadena, a hopping place!

This theatre program, not dated, but probably from the late 1930's, shows Altadena was a busy place for entertainment, dining and drinking back in the day. I like the Black Cat Inn located at 2367 North Lake Avenue, the Venetian Dining Room at 2556 North Lake Avenue (Cocktails and All Legal Beverages), and " Drop in at The Barn after the show for sandwiches or a dinner - Coffee Shop - Dining Room - Fountain - Car Service - Patio , 2727 East New York, Altadena", and the " Anita Christine Air Conditioned Super-Fountain " located at 2406 North Lake Avenue!

Mildred Pierce (by the way, great classic noir movie with Mildred Pierce living in Pasadena) would have loved having a restaurant branch in such an engaging, entertaining, free-spending and free-drinking community..... The Barn was located on the westside of Eaton Canyon Wash where New York Drive ended back then. Any memories by anyone of these establishments or the Penthouse Theatre, which must have been a forerunner of Theatre Americana?