Monday, September 2, 2013

Johnny's Sports Shop, 1402 N. Lincoln Avenue, Since 1958

 One of our treasures in Pasadena, definitely the Pasadena many of us remember from years ago.

At one time, there was a large Japanese community in Pasadena in this area.  Here is a link to the history:


The interior of Johnny's looks just like the 1950's.  The family owns the NE corner of Lincoln and Washington where they formally operated a Japanese food market and also several bungalows surrounding Johnny's.

Johnny's is one of the few places you can get your rod and reel repaired and their reel rewinding apparatus is something to be seen.

Around the corner is the Pasadena Buddhist Temple and the Pasadena Japanese Cultural Institute is down Lincoln, not far away.

A few doors away is another defunct Japanese food market on North Lincoln; the former Futaba Food Center is just up the way from Johnny's:
It's an ever changing world:
Here an article from Pasadena Now about Johnny's: