Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Phelps-Terkel Red House Clothiers South Lake Avenue - 1949

As we know, many old houses have been used for businesses along Lake Avenue, some of which still exist. Here is Phelps-Terkel Clothiers "Red House" which was in business since 1923 and had this pictured facelift in 1949. Phelps-Terkel on South Lake is long gone, but we do see remnants of the same type of establishments still functioning in the area, up and down Lake Avenue.
Just north of Wolfe Burgers on North Lake we have an old bungalow which is still holding on with two different hair dressers. Just east of Lake on Union we have a fabulous Craftsman style bungalow which has just been restored right next to the Union 76 gas station. And on Boston Court, just east of Lake, we have two different Craftsman style bungalows on both sides of the street, both hair dressers.
Yes, Pasadena has a history of adatively reusing its charming bungalows, and the City is still full of them. Let's hope we can keep many of these little jewels and not lose them to overdevelopment, as they are part of what makes Pasadena such an interesting place to live.