Thursday, July 7, 2011

1958 Demonstration Against Washington Blvd. Street Widening - 292 E. Washington Blvd.

When the City of Pasadena wanted to widen Washington Blvd. west from Los Robles Ave. in 1958 to facilitate traffic flow, making the picturesque two lane country road into a four lane expressway, the residents protested having their front yards being obliterated, their street trees being pulled out and cars racing along a wide Washington Blvd.

The residents took it to the Board of Directors (City Council) at City Hall and also demonstrated on the street. This picture was taken by the Pasadena Star News of the housewives demonstrating against the street widening in front of the house located at 292 E. Washington Blvd., which would end up losing most of its front yard.

These housewife protestors look like they're having fund in the midst of a serious citizen uprising, their husbands, however, put on a stern face at City Hall. I'll have to find the additional photos I have of this neighborhood tempest and add them later.

So we haven't changed all that much and with the pending General Plan Survey I hope you'll join me in voting for less density and less congestion. I think we could all do with less roads and cars, and much more open/green space and trees. Maybe we need another good neighborhood protest. Let's hear it for more picturesque and less asphalt!


  1. I love this photo! It was the subject of this Mystery History post on my blog a couple of years ago.

  2. H Ann,
    I wasn't aware you had used this picture and written about the protest and street widening already. I've got some additional pictures somewhere about this protest and just posted today some before and after photographs of the street widening. Probably time to reverse the street widening and make Washington Blvd. more friendly for pedestrians, bicyclists and trees.

  3. They look so beautiful on that photo, looks that they had a lots of fun ;D


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