Monday, April 18, 2011

John R. MacDonald, President, Lake Washington Association, 1958

Once upon a time, Lake Washington Village was a happening place. The time period from the 1920's through the 1960's found the area with a very active and engaged business association, which organized many events. The trouble brewing in Europe from the 1930's and its aftermath post 1945 brought many European immigrants to the area, particularly from Germany, as was also the case in Montrose and La Crescenta.

Many German immigrants were learned craftsman and left their mark on the homes in the area. Also, many were involved with the Hollywood film studios in one capacity or another. The previous owner of my home was an accountant for Pathe Studios in Hollywood.

Many events were put on by the Lake Washington Business Association during these years, such as " Moonlight Madness " sales, cooking classes at the Washington Theatre, and evening street dance and music festivals featuring German Oompah-pah music and polka dancing.

This 1950's desk lamp was found at a local antique mall, with an engraved brass plaque dedicated to " John R. MacDonald, President, Lake Washington Association, 1958 ." Remember when they used to meet at the restaurant on Washington Blvd. just east of Lake?


  1. I don't remember any of it, but I love your stories.

  2. My grandparents immigrated to the Glendale area in about 1912...from Rostock Germany, although my grandfather was Finnish and my grandmother Latvian...they were very involved in the artistic community at the time as my grandfather was an artist...I love the craftsmanship from that era that shows up throughout the San Gabriel Valley area...
    Nice post Thal!!!