Friday, March 19, 2010

Avenue to the Sky Theme Song - Altadena!

Originally, we had considered different options to call attention to Lake Avenue; besides Avenue to the Sky, we considered Avenue to the Stars, but that sounded too Hollywood.

In 1925, the Alatadena Chamber of Commerce published their official song " Altadena ". We would like to adopt this official song of Altadena to also be the official song of Avenue to the Sky and Lake Avenue, particularly considering the stanza:
"Like rock armored knights in gray corslet and bars, stand Mts. Wilson and Lowe with their eyes to the stars, while up from the valley its myriad lights, reflect their fine glory on calm southern nights"

This embodies all we hope for on Lake Avenue "Avenue to the Sky", living in the shadow of Mount Lowe and Mount Wilson, both our Acropolis in the Athens of the West, center of art, culture, science and natural wonders on the Pacific coast.

The small bungalow which housed the Altadena Chamber of Commerce, also a real estate office, was located on the east side of Lake Avenue about where the Ralphs is now located in Altadena. There was much enthusiasm back then on the "Avenue to the Sky", similar to the energy being now generated at the "Gallery at the End of World" on the upper reaches of Lake Avenue.


  1. Talk about the good old daze?!
    That's quite a foto of all them men of Altadena.
    I have to wonder when women were given the right to live in ADena??

  2. What a dramatic stanza! I'd love to hear a chorus of Altadenans sing it.

  3. Defiantly more inspiring then the lyrics to the Little Old Lady from Pasadena

    "And everybody's saying that there's nobody meaner
    Than the little old lady from Pasadena
    She drives real fast and she drives real hard
    She's the terror of Colorado Boulevard

    I would of had the second line read Pasadean (er)..goes better with meaner