Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Theme of the Day - Waiting.......

Yes, the animals are always waiting for us. But, these enigmatic characters are always up to something on their own. These are the hardwood floor dusters of Normandie Cottage, at least two of them. The third chose not to be photographed.

I'm sure they are daydreaming - waiting for the next delicious meal.

They never seem to tire of the same breakfast and dinner; they'll eat it with gusto no matter. And always I'm thankful for a hungry cat, because a cat which isn't hungry is not feeling well!


  1. Good thing pets will eat the same thing. I have a hard enough time coming up with varied menus for the humans.

  2. Petrea,
    I'm amazed the animals love the same stuff over and over. If you give them something else, they stick their nose up and sometimes will try to bury it like it's poop. The white one though, he's food crazy, and if a human will eat it, he wants it. You should hear the pandemonium every time he sees the milk carton and the others wonder what's going on.