Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Here we have the "Northlake Market" located at North Lake and Locust Street, southeast corner, and equipped by the Henslee Corporation as it was new in the 1920's. The building still exists as the Lighthouse Christian Bookstore, but has been unfortunately altered over the years. Perhaps the building can still be restored back to its beautiful Art Deco style look? Less likely things have happened.

Locust Street on the westside of Lake was the driveway for the Theodore Lukens' Estate, which still exists at the terminus of Locust at North El Molino as the most amazing Victorian Gingerbread mansion in Pasadena complete with hitching post and riding mount stone in the front parkway. Theodore Lukens was a Pasadena civic and business leader and outstanding conservationist, founding the research station at Henninger Flats, and Mt. Lukens was named after him. Also, he is known as the "Father of Forestry." More to come on Lukens and the Lukens' Estate, which originally had an address on North Lake Avenue where the Locust driveway begins, but is now listed at 267 North El Molino Avenue.

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